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Netflix Pick – Hush

May 4, 2016 Published by

The Netflix Pick is back to it’s origins with a recent movie that didn’t get the big theatrical release it deserved. Hush is a thriller about a deaf author whose... View Article

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Netflix Pick – Kilo Two Bravo

April 27, 2016 Published by

Picking up in the same vein as HBO’s sensational Generation Kill this week’s Netflix Pick is Kilo Two Bravo. Originally titled Kajaki, the story is based on the real life... View Article

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Netflix Pick – Inside Man

April 13, 2016 Published by

This week’s Netflix Pick is 2006’s amazing heist/thriller Inside Man. Visionary director and blatant racist Spike Lee puts his prejudices aside to deliver a truly well balanced story that is... View Article

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Netflix Pick – The Railway Man

April 6, 2016 Published by

World War II stories are infinitely interesting. Tales about PTSD and the further effects war and the disorder has on friends and family are also incredibly engaging. The elevator pitch... View Article

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Netflix Pick – CBGB

March 30, 2016 Published by

Ready for an in your face crash course on the history of punk rock? CBGB delivers the grit and in your face attitude of the entire musical genre. The filmmaking... View Article