May 31, 2017 By

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Director: James Gunn

Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Kurt Russell

The next “Marvel” franchise story is here! Guardians Volume 2 catches up with our beloved crew as they are starting to work together on a new gig. Things go according to plan,  more or less, and they are soon introduced to a new character that will turn out to be an influence on all of their lives.

I had to watch this movie a couple of times to take it all in. The theme of this movie is “family” and each character has to deal with what that means, whether with other family members or with each other. Star Lord gets to learn about his life from his biological father, Gamora and Nebula deal with their sisterly bond. Rocket has to deal with finding his place among these family of misfits. Everyone has to take a part in raising baby Groot.

Everything about this story, I absolutely loved. That’s not to say it’s better or the same as the first one, it’s a completely different type of animal. The reason the movie works so well is because of solid set up from the first film. All those great threads are carried forward in a really satisfying way.

It’s funny, it’s colorful, it’s stunningly moving in some scenes, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. I’m still amazed at how this whole movie worked. Surprisingly, one of my favorite Marvel films of all time. I’m not saying it’s up there with the best, but for me personally, it’s a cinematic achievement.

Grade 4.5 out of 5

-Marquee Mark